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Pelan tindakan biojisim tangani isu alam sekitar, Berita Harian (8 Disember 2023)

Kreativiti, kemahiran aset penting graduan memasuki pekerjaan, Berita Harian (8 Disember 2023)

Komitmen awam, NGO mantapkan usaha SPRM banteras rasuah, Berita Harian (8 Disember 2023)

Malaysia ke arah capai matlamat pembangunan mampan, Berita Harian (8 Disember 2023)

Malaysia boleh jimat RM7 bilion guna sumber biojisim, Utusan Malaysia (8 Disember 2023)


IAEA at COP28: The Role of Nuclear Technology in Climate Change Monitoring, Mitigation and Adaptation, IAEA (30 November 2023)

Nuclear to 'shine' at COP28, says Bilbao y León, World Nuclear News (29 November 2023)

IAEA says a dozen countries to be equipped with nuclear power, reuters (28 November 2023)

IAEA Calls for the Next Generation to Participate in #ICONS2024 Conference, IAEA (27 November 2023)

Eletronuclear outlines clean hydrogen production plan, World Nuclear News (24 November 2023)

New CRP to Develop new Technetium-99m Radiopharmaceuticals for Disease Diagnosis, IAEA (24 November 2023)

IAEA Helps Countries to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Acts Involving Nuclear or Other Radioactive Material Out of Regulatory Control, IAEA (24 November 2023)

Floating Nuclear Power Plants: Benefits and Challenges discussed at IAEA Symposium, IAEA (21 November 2023)

IAEA Looks Ahead to the Future of Nuclear Law, IAEA (15 November 2023)

IAEA Launches Open Data Platform, IAEA (14 November 2023)

IAEA Collaborating Centre in Malaysia Supports Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial Development in Southeast Asia, IAEA (13 November 2023)

Nuclear Decommissioning Market Set to Boom, IAEA (9 November 2023)

Decarbonizing Industries with the Help of Small and Micro Nuclear Reactors, IAEA (8 November 2023)

Embracing the Promise of Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Nuclear Reactors, IAEA (2 November 2023)

Podcast: Can world's nuclear supply chain meet future demand? World Nuclear News (1 November 2023)


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