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Introduce more suitable rice varieties, say experts, The Star (29 Sept 2023)

M'sia still 36th place in innovation index, gets higher score, The Star (29 Sept 2023)

Saintis Jepun temui mikroplastik dalam awan, Berita Harian (29 Sept 2023)

Teknologi AI bantu pulih lelaki lumpuh, Berita Harian (29 Sept 2023)

UiTM sets up cybersecurity centre, New Straits Times (29 Sept 2023)

Hapus pencen penjawat awam suatu cadangan mengarut – Cuepacs, Kosmo (28 Sept 2023)

Pencen hanya RM1k khidmat 30 tahun, Harian Metro (28 Sept 2023)

Hati-hati melombong NR-REE elak pencemaran, Berita Harian (28 Sept 2023)

Iktibar Dialog Hadiah Nobel Seoul 2023, Utusan Malaysia (28 Sept 2023)

The dark side of AI on social media, The Star (28 Sept 2023)

60 peratus penjawat awam dalam dasar pemisah dapat dipulihkan, Berita Harian (27 September 23)

Arab Saudi mahu miliki kepakaran tenaga nuklear, Berita Harian (27 September 23)

Khazanah NR-REE kita bernilai RM747.2 bilion, Berita Harian (27 September 23)

Perak rancang perluas perlombongan lantanid, Berita Harian (27 September 23)

Lima sektor perniagaan tumpuan belanjawan 2024, Berita Harian (26 Sept 23)

Kapsul NASA bawa sampel asteroid mendarat di bumi, Berita Harian (26 Sept 23)

2 kunci tingkat bekalan beras, Harian Metro (26 Sept 23)

Panggilan Sijangkang!, Harian Metro (26 Sept 23)

‘Fresh approach to safeguard rivers needed', New Straits Times (26 Sept 23)

More to amend act to prevent misuse of Malay language, New Straits Times (26 Sept 23)

Birokrasi kerajaan perlu reformasi, Utusan Malaysia (26 Sept 23)

Fokus pada 70% pekerja tidak mahir, Utusan Malaysia (26 Sept 23)

Rotovator bantu petani produktif, jimatkan masa, Utusan Malaysia (26 Sept 23)


IAEA Supports International Collaboration on the Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants, IAEA (10 Aug 23)

New IAEA Service Conducts First Mission for Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources Technical Centres, IAEA (9 Aug 23)

40 Years of OSART: Improving Nuclear Power Plant Safety Worldwide, IAEA (8 Aug 23)

Expert Insights on Decommissioning France's Spent Fuel Reprocessing Facility, IAEA (7 Aug 23)

What is Nuclear Fusion?, IAEA (3 Aug 23)

Innovation in Virtual Computer Security Training for Nuclear and Radiological Facilities, IAEA (2 Aug 23)

New Publication: Interfaces and Synergies Between Nuclear Security and Safety, IAEA (1 Aug 23)

Nuclear Security Education: IAEA Partners with Universities and Research Institutions, IAEA (1 Aug 23)

Now Available: Upgraded IAEA Database on Discharges of Radionuclides from Nuclear Installations, IAEA (1 Aug 23)

IAEA Missions Highlight Potential of Research Reactors for Innovative Nuclear Energy Solutions, IAEA (31 Jul 23)

Strengthening Safety at Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities, IAEA (28 Jul 23)

Preparing 60 Years in Advance: The UAE's First Nuclear Power Plant and Plans for Future Decommissioning, IAEA (28 Jul 23)

New CRP: Climate Change Challenges to the Safety of Nuclear Installations (J72007), IAEA (27 Jul 23)

Increased Interest from Countries to Join the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage, IAEA (25 Jul 23)

Africa's Major Crop: How Climate-Smart Agriculture is Enabling Farmers to Reap Record-High Cassava Yields Using Nuclear Science and Technology, IAEA (24 Jul 23)

How Do Nuclear Techniques Help Crime Investigations?, IAEA (21 Jul 23)

Robots, AI and 3D Models: How High-tech Breakthroughs Help Nuclear Decommissioning, IAEA (19 Jul 23)

Decommissioning by Design: How Advanced Reactors are Designed with Disposal in Mind, IAEA (18 Jul 23)

Crowdsourcing AI Solutions for Climate Change: IAEA, ITU, FAO, UNESCO and the World Bank Launch AI for Good Contest for Start-ups, IAEA (17 Jul 23)

Behind the Scenes: IAEA Laboratories Open their Doors to Virtual Visitors, IAEA (13 Jul 23)

IAEA Provides Expertise to Moldova with the Loan of 8 IRMIS Stations, IAEA (12 Jul 23)

Nuclear Explained – Computer Security in the Nuclear World, IAEA (11 Jul 23)

IAEA Multilingual Websites Mark 5-Year Milestone, IAEA (10 Jul 23)

IAEA DG Grossi in Japan, Presents Comprehensive Report on Fukushima Treated Water Release, IAEA (7 Jul 23)

Preparing the Next Nuclear Generation: 7th Annual Session of the Intercontinental Nuclear Institute Concludes, with IAEA Support, IAEA (7 Jul 23)

IAEA's INPRO Joins ICTP in Training Next Generation on Sustainable Nuclear Energy Systems, IAEA (6 Jul 23)

IAEA Isotope Hydrology Symposium Spotlights Water Resource Solutions for Climate Change, IAEA (6 Jul 23)

Video: IAEA reports on Fukushima Daiichi ALPS treated water release, IAEA (4 Jul 23)


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