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Tiada peningkatan aras keradioaktifan, Berita Harian (5 Disember 2023)

Tiada peningkatan radioaktif, Harian Metro (5 Disember 2023)

Transaksi digital lebih efisien, Harian Metro (5 Disember 2023)

Gaji penjawat awam naik tahun depan, Kosmo (5 Disember 2023)

Resolve possible issues, The Star (5 Disember 2023)

Our seawater is safe, The Star (5 Disember 2023)


No decision on use of nuclear energy yet, Singapore to keep options open, Channelnewsasia (23 October 2023)

LED lights developed specifically for nuclear facilities, World Nuclear News (23 October 2023)

Africa's First IAEA Collaborating Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics, IAEA (23 October 2023)

International Exercise Builds Resilience for Emergency Preparedness, IAEA (23 October 2023)

IAEA Samples Marine Environment Near Fukushima Daiichi, IAEA (20 October 2023)

Prioritizing Childhood and Cervical Cancer in Papua New Guinea, IAEA (19 October 2023)

Innovation Breakthroughs: Atoms4Food, IAEA (18 October 2023)

New Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS+) Now Available, IAEA (17 October 2023)

IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Opener 2023, IAEA (16 October 2023)

IAEA Climate Change Conference Ends with Appeal for ‘Level Playing Field' for Low Carbon Nuclear Power, IAEA (13 October 2023)

Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) in Bangladesh, IAEA (12 October 2023)

IAEA to Conduct First Extensive Sampling of Marine Environment Near Fukushima Daiichi Since Start of Treated Water Release, IAEA (10 October 2023)

IAEA Signs Three Radiation Protection and Safety Agreements, IAEA (9 October 2023)

IAEA's Atoms4NetZero Models Energy Scenarios that Include Nuclear Power's Full Potential, IAEA (6 October 2023)

IAEA Confirms Tritium Level Far Below Japan's Operational Limit in Second Batch of ALPS Treated Water Released Today, IAEA (5 October 2023)

IAEA Nuclear Security Centre Opens, IAEA (4 October 2023)

The Evolution of the IAEA Safety Standards and Enhancing their Safety Footprint, IAEA (3 October 2023)

70 Years Later, the Legacy of the "Atoms for Peace" Speech, IAEA (2 October 2023)

Podcast: World Nuclear Symposium 2023 special report, World Nuclear News (1 October 2023)


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