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USAS manfaat tanah 8.1 hektar dengan penanaman padi nuklear, Harian Metro (17 April 2024)

8.1 hektar tanah terbiar di manfaat tanam padi nuklear, Kosmo (17 April 2024)

IAEA chief: Iran closed nuclear facilities in wake of strikes on Israel, New Straits Times (17 April 2024)

Penduduk Malaysia masih tidak peduli kesan pencemaran plastik, Utusan Malaysia (17 April 2024)

Sawah terbiar di tanam padi 'nuklear', Utusan Malaysia (17 April 2024)

Skim gaji baharu perkhidmatan awam diumum Oktober, Berita Harian (4 April 2024)

Kakitangan awam bercuti layak terima bantuan khas Aidilfitri, Berita Harian (3 April 2024)

Pantau kaki seleweng, Kosmo (3 April 2024)

Hold bosses accountable for civil service graft, say groups, The Star (3 April 2024)

PM: Don't protect bad apples, The Star (3 April 2024)

Semua agensi penguarkuasa dipantau-PM, Utusan Malaysia (3 April 2024)

Anwar sedih rasuah penjawat awam menular, Berita Harian (2 April 2024)

Penjawat awam dapat duit raya RM500, Berita Harian (2 April 2024)

Agong titah perangi rasuah habis-habisan, Berita Harian (2 April 2024)

NRES teliti gubal udang-udang atasi masalah pencemaran plastik, Berita Harian (2 April 2024)

'Jelaskan apa Kerajaan Madani bantu rakyat', Kosmo (2 April 2024)

Enhancing the VC industry, The Star (2 April 2024)

KESUMA perkasakan perlindungan Keselamatan sosial pekerja, negara, Berita Harian (1 April 2024)

NRES teliti draf e-sisa, Berita Harian (1 April 2024)

Japan, China hold Fukushima water talks, New Straits Times (1 April 2024)

Heftier penalties not enough, The Star (1 April 2024)


U.S., Japan draft U.N. resolution on nuclear weapons ban in space, english.kyodonews.net (29 Mac 2024)

TEPCO submits plan to load nuclear fuel in idled reactor, english.kyodonews.net (28 Mac 2024)

Texas Is Embracing Nuclear Power for the First Time in Decades, www.msn.com (28 March 2024)

First zeolite skip removed from Sellafield pond, world-nuclear-news.org (27 March 2024)

Chamber calls for Western Australia to overturn uranium ban, world-nuclear-news.org (26 March 2024)

Fourth Barakah unit connected to grid, world-nuclear-news.org (25 March 2024)

Investment announced to boost UK nuclear workforce, world-nuclear-news.org (25 March 2024)

France awards grants for molten salt reactor R&D, world-nuclear-news.org (22 March 2024)

Industry ready to help deliver governmental nuclear ambitions, world-nuclear-news.org (21 March 2024)

Haiyang 3 containment takes shape, world-nuclear-news.org (19 March 2024)

TerraPower: What We Know About Bill Gates's Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming, www.forbes.com (19 Mac 2024)

Chief scientist backs renewables, calls nuclear power 'expensive', www.abc.net.au (18 Mac 2024)

IAEA Director General meets Iraq PM to Discuss Intensified Support for Nuclear Energy, Cancer Care and Radioactive Waste Clean-up, www.iaea.org (18 Mac 2024)

Japan completes 4th discharge of Fukushima nuclear-tainted wastewater despite backlash, news.cgtn.com (17 Mac 2024)

China's Nuclear Energy Expansion Is Getting Even Faster, www.bloomberg.com (15 Mac 2024)

El Dabaa: Installation of first unit's inner containment starts, www.world-nuclear-news.org (13 Mac 2024)

IAEA project considers implications of counterfeit and fraudulent items, world-nuclear-news.org (13 March 2024)

Canadian study looks at nuclear's potential to decarbonise heating, www.world-nuclear-news.org (11 Mac 2024)

Australian synchrotron goes solar, www.world-nuclear-news.org (8 Mac 2024)

UK nuclear regulator assesses preparedness for climate change, www.world-nuclear-news.org (7 Mac 2024)

International Women's Day - For More Women in Nuclear, www.iaea.org (6 Mac 2024)

Regulating Innovative Reactor Designs, www.iaea.org (5 Mac 2024)

New CRP: Enhancing Computer Security of Small Modular Reactors and Microreactors (J02021), www.iaea.org (4 Mac 2024)

Start up of Chinese industrial nuclear steam project begins, www.world-nuclear-news.org (4 Mac 2024)

French reactor using full core of recycled uranium fuel, www.world-nuclear-news.org (1 Mac 2024)

Podcast: NexGen Energy's Leigh Curyer on uranium project's potential, www.world-nuclear-news.org (1 Mac 2024)

Obesity Crisis: New IAEA Database to Help Countries Tackle Nutrition Challenges, www.iaea.org (1 Mac 2024)