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Amalan rasuah pada skala bahaya, Kosmo (23 Sept 2022)

MOSTI komited bangun teknologi solar, sedia pinjaman RM254j, Kosmo (23 Sept 2022)

‘Kekayaan negara disalah guna', Harian Metro (23 sept 2022)

Palm-greasing reaching worrying level, The Star (23 Sept 2022)

Rasuah di Malaysia pada skala bahaya, Utusan Malaysia (23 Sept 2022)

Rasuah semakin bahayakan Negara, Berita Harian (23 Sept 2022)

5 hari cuti laksana khidmat masyarakat, Berita Harian (23 Sept 2022)

RUU keselamatan siber dijangka ke parlimen tahun depan, Berita Harian (22 September 2022)

TNB labur RM21 bilion capai grid masa depan, Berita Harian (22 September 2022)

Manfaat ekonomi kitaran pengurusan sisa ladang sawit, Berita Harian (22 September 2022)

Bantu 1,500 pelajar kuasai teknologi, Harian Metro (22 September 2022)

Biomass action plan to attract new industry players, New Straits Times (22 September 2022)

Encourage whistle-blowing, New Straits Times (22 September 2022)

Tenaga boleh diperbaharu bantu ASEAN penuhi permintaan, Utusan Malaysia (22 September 2022)

Data kaji selidik tidak semesti tepat, Utusan Malaysia (22 September 2022)

STEM: Sajikan anak permainan digital, Utusan Malaysia (22 September 2022)



  1. Agensi Nuklear Malaysia 50 tahun mengorak langkah, WilayahKu (9 Sept 22)
  2. Nuclear right choice for sustainable development, conference told, World Nuclear News (8 Sept 22)
  3. UN Security Council: IAEA Grossi Calls for Establishment of Nuclear Safety and Security Protection Zone at Zaporizhzhya NPP, IAEA (7 Sept 22)
  4. IAEA's Support and Assistance Mission to Zaporizhzhya, IAEA (6 Sept 22)
  5. Nuclear Safety and Security Review Missions, IAEA (30 Aug 22)
  6. After 34-Year Gap, the Philippines has a Nuclear Facility Again, IAEA (24 Aug 22)
  7. IAEA Conference on Applying Radiation Science and Technology in Everyday Life Begins, IAEA (22 Aug 22)
  8. SMR Platform: New Web Portal Facilitates Technical Support, IAEA (17 Aug 22)
  9. Enhancing Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety and Security of Radioactive Material: New IAEA Service, IAEA (16 Aug 22)
  10. IAEA Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre Nears Completion, IAEA (15 Aug 22)
  11. International Youth Day: New IAEA Nuclear Science and Technology Student Competition for Asia, IAEA (12 Aug 22)
  12. Hostilities at Zaporizhzya NPP Must Stop and IAEA Needs to be Allowed to Assess Status of the Facility, Grossi tells UN Security Council, IAEA (11 Aug 22)
  13. IAEA Joins ICRP in the Review of the Contemporary Radiological Protection System, IAEA (10 Aug 22)
  14. CRP Success story: Development and Strengthening of Radio-Analytical and Complementary Techniques to Control Residues of Veterinary Drugs and Related Chemicals in Aquaculture Products (D52039), IAEA (9 Aug 22)
  15. New CRP: Total Energy Expenditure Across the Life Course in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (E43037), IAEA (8 Aug 22)
  16. Nuclear Explained – Developing New Plant Varieties for Food Security, Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystems, IAEA (5 Aug 22)
  17. Nuclear Technique Helps Mexico Eradicate an Invasive Insect Pest Outbreak Threatening Farmers' Livelihoods, IAEA (4 Aug 22)