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Senarai tajuk buku kelompok Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia bermula pada 14 Ogos 2019 dan akan tamat pada 11 Februari 2020. Senarai bertanda (highlight) berada di Perpustakaan Cawangan Dengkil. klik disini untuk lihat senarai judul buku.


Manfaat tenaga boleh baharu demi kelestarian, Berita Harian, m/s 10 (13 Jan 2020)

Subjek integriti perlu dalam program latihan untuk penjawat awam, Berita Harian, m/s 53 (13 Jan 2020)

CUEPACS mahu himpunan ahli jumpa JPA, Berita Harian, m/s 3 (8 Jan 2020)

Elak syak wangsangka: CUEPACS, Berita Harian, m/s 5 (5 Jan 2020)

'Kabinet perlu bincang semula keputusan JPA', Berita Harian, m/s 5 (27 Dis 2019)

Ancaman siber magnitud tinggi, Harian Metro, m/s 36 – 37 (24 Dis 2019)

Lynas offers jobs, tech transfer, New Straits Times, m/s 18 (24 Dis 2019)

Pemanasan global bagai sukar dikawal, Berita Harian, m/s 10 (22 Dis 2019)

'Energy stone' revealed to contain high radiation levels, The Star, m/s 15 (19 Disember 2019)

Huge potential of biomass, The Star, m/s 19 (19 Disember 2019)

Embracing future of a deregulated utility market, New Straits Times, m/s 18 (18 Disember 2019)

Amaran cuaca waspada peringkat jingga di 4 negeri, Berita Harian, m/s 12 (17 Disember 2019)

The aspiration to inspire, The Star, m/s 2 (17 Disember 2019)

5 calon tekad perkasa CUEPACS, Berita Harian, m/s 6 (17 Disember 2019)

Azih pround of his CUEPACS legacy, New Straits Times, m/s 5 (17 Disember 2019)

Yeo: Malaysia must break away from middle-income trap, Sunday Star, m/s 8 (15 Disember 2019)

Amaran cuaca buruk di Pahang, Johor, Berita Harian, m/s 12 (10 Disember 2019)

Lynas pilih Kalgoorlie tapak proses awal sebelum hantar ke Malaysia, Berita Harian, m/s 20 (10 Disember 2019)

Pegawai JAS ada kepakaran, Harian Metro, m/s 18 (7 Disember 2019)

Tiada kes kakitangan awam sabotaj kerajaan, Berita Harian, m/s 4 (6 Disember 2019)

Amaran gelombang kedua, Berita Harian, m/s 6 (6 Disember 2019)

Students raise the bar in Maths and Science, The Star, m/s 4 (4 Disember 2019)

A performance to be proud of, The Star, m/s 4 (4 Disember 2019)

Japan nuclear fuel debris removal to begin in 2021, The Star, m/s 24 (4 Disember 2019)

More focus on STEM and TVET, says PM, New Straits Times, m/s 3 (4 Disember 2019)

A messenger on climate change, New Straits Times, m/s 10 (4 Disember 2019)

Tarif elektrik tak naik hingga Jun 2020, Berita Harian, m/s 13 (4 Disember 2019)

Pegawai kerajaan perlu tegur golongan miskin berubah, Harian Meto, m/s 24 (3 Disember 2019)

Henti budaya minum kopi bersama pemohon tender, Berita Harian, m/s 3 (3 Disember 2019)

Kerajaan cukup sumber bayar gaji penjawat awam, Berita Harian, m/s 8 (29 November 2019)

Bangunkan tenaga boleh diperbaharui, Utusan Sarawak, m/s 1 & 4 (27 November 2019)

Renewable energy favoured, New Sarawak Tribune, m/s 1 & 3 (27 November 2019)

Malaysian Nuclear Agency: Ada risiko mengakibatkan kanser. Malaysia tak akan menggunakan kuasa nuklear untuk menjana elektrik, Sin Chew Daily, m/s 4 (27 November 2019)

Renewable energy the way forward for M'sia - Abg Jo, The Borneo Post, m/s 3 (27 November 2019)

Malaysia perlu tumpu teknologi tenaga baharu, Utusan Borneo, m/s 4 (27 November 2019)

Penggunaan teknologi tenaga nuklear dalam industri Malaysia terkawal dan selamat, Utusan Borneo, m/s 4 (27 November 2019)

Malaysia patut fokus ngagai teknologi kuasa baru, Utusan Borneo, m/s 15 (27 November 2019)

Controlled use of nuclear technology, New Sarawak Tribune, m/s 7 (27 November 2019)

Ambil semula sisa plastik, Harian Metro, m/s 23 (26 November 2019)

'No' to nuclear energy is the right decisionThe Star, m/s 13 (26 November 2019)

MP: Closing down Lynas not part of PH manifesto, The Star, m/s 2 (25 Nov 2019)

Our water security need to be better, The Star, m/s 16 (25 Nov 2019)

Pasang 25 alat TVOC, Harian Metro, m/s 18 (20 November 2019)

Lokasi Pemasangan Pengesan Pencemaran Photo-ionised Detector (PID) di Pasir Gudang, Berita Harian, m/s 13 (20 November 2019)

Pahang reviewing Lynas' bid to build permenant deposit facility, New Straits Times, m/s 11 (20 November 2019)

Penjawat awam perlu penuhi 2 kriteria utama, Berita Harian, m/s 6 (15 November 2019)

Penang telco tower protest smacks of ignorance, New Straits Times, m/s 44 (11 November 2019)

RM16j geran inisiatif I-CONNECT, Berita Harian, m/s 18 (8 November 2019)


Sumber: New Straits Times, Lynas meets its commitment to Malaysia (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Hurriyet Daily News, Japan makes drastic changes in nuclear power energy industry after Fukushima (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: BBC News, Earth's oldest asteroid impact 'may have ended ice age' (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Edge Market, Lynas licence extension: High Court sets March 25 to hear Kuantan residents' challenge against Cabinet decision (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: My Tech Decisions, Japan is Getting Cleaner with Its Energy Choices, But Still Wants Nuclear Power (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Opinion, 'Safety, security and nonproliferation' will remain top priorities of UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy programme (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Farming Life, Beware dangers of telecoms masts, warns CAAV (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Island Now, Viewpoint: Communities take on telecom giants to address health risks of ubiquitous WiFi (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The McGrill Tribune, Exploring the myth of device radiation (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Queens Journal, The anti-5G movement is a new form of fearmongering (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: High North News, Russia Has Once Again Become the Solution to Germany's Nuclear Problem (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Power Engineering, SNC-Lavalin contracts to extend life of CANDU reactor at Romanian nuclear plant (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: BNE Intellinews, Romania to scrap deal with Chinese partner to expand Cernavoda nuclear power plant (22 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Eurasia Review (news & analysis), Nuclear Energy: Is It In Or Out? – Analysis (21 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Al Jazeera, Qatar to build new solar power plant (21 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Phys Org, Record-breaking terahertz laser beam (21 Jan 2020)

Sumber: FMT News, Lynas says meeting commitments to sustainability in Malaysia (21 Jan 2020)

Sumber: University of BRISTOL, Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power (21 Jan 2020)

Sumber: E&T Engineering and Technology, Time to bury the radioactive waste issue (21 Jan 2020)


Sumber: Brisbane Times, Lynas faces fresh legal challenge in Malaysia (20 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Android Authority, Ignore that stupid phone burning steel wool tweet, 5G won't fry your brain (18 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Fusion Science Academy, Non-ionizing Radiation/EMF Detection, Measurement, and Safety Market: Rising Awareness about Harmful Effects of Radiation to Drive Market (18 Jan 2020) 

Sumber: France24, Austria fails to win over neighbours for nuclear phase-out (17 Jan 2020)

Sumber: China.org.cn, NE China nuclear power plant hits record high electricity generation (17 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Taipei Times, Highways & Byways: The pool of blue light: Hsinchu's research reactor (17 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Forbes, How Safe Are The UAE's Nuclear Power Plants? (17 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Newsweek, Mobile phones cause head tumors, court rules, despite overwhelming contradictory scientific evidence (17 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Myanmar Times, Myanmar assures safety of telecom towers in the country (16 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Kyodo News, Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total 13 trillion yen (16 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, IAEA Mission Expected to Belarus In February Over Nuclear Power Station Under Construction (16 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Japan Times, Work begins to remove spent MOX fuel at Ikata nuclear plant in Ehime (16 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Business Insider Malaysia, Photos of the abandoned Fukushima exclusion zone show wild animals thriving, despite lingering radiation (16 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Normet, Australian uranium: a new chapter? (15 Jan 2020)

Sumber: IAEA, Controlling Erosion and Land Degradation in Madagascar with the Help of Nuclear Techniques (15 Jan 2020)


Sumber: FEE, Three Mile Island and the Exaggerated Risk of Nuclear Power (15 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Climate News Network, Nuclear power ‘cannot rival renewable energy' (15 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Metal Miner, Rare Earths MMI: No lanthanide concentrate processing limit extension for Lynas in Malaysia (14 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Arab News, UAE to deliver commercial nuclear power in 2020  (14 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Arab Weekly, Arab world's first nuclear reactor to open in UAE (14 Jan 2020)

Sumber: CNN, Canadians got an emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident. It was sent in error, the plant says (13 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Loop, Emergency alert about Ont. nuclear plant was sent by mistake (13 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Malay Mail, Kuantan residents get nod for judicial review of Lynas licence extension by Cabinet (9 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The New York Times, The Tragedy of Germany's Energy Experiment (9 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Vice, Animals Thrive in Areas Evacuated by Humans After Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (9 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Nuclear Engineering, Top nuclear power stories of 2019 (8 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Ecologist, 'Clean energy outperforms fossil fuels' (8 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Canada's National Observer, Nuclear power is clean – except for all the waste (6 Jan 2020)

Sumber: PA POST, Three Mile Island wants to end siren tests, radiation monitoring as part of reduced emergency planning role (6 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Silicon Republic, Two UK companies target nuclear fusion reactor by 2030 (5 Jan 2020)

Sumber: My North West, Japan revises Fukushima cleanup plan, delays key steps (5 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Mainichi, Japan nuclear regulator effectively made safety measure  decision behind closed doors (5 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Malaysian Reserve, Axed 6 power plants save 20 years of electricity supply costs worth RM11.4b (5 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Nikkei Asian Review, Global wind power players see Japan as next money-spinner (5 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Memo Middle East Monitor, UAE to inaugurate first nuclear plant (3 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Power Engineering, NRC says TVA can consider SMR nuclear energy site at Clinch River (3 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Malay Mail, As 2020 comes a-knocking, whither Malaysia's nuclear power plan?(3 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Powermag.com, UAE Set to Start First Nuclear Plant; Sweden, Germany Shut Units (3 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Xinhua, Russian nuclear electricity generation sets record in 2019 (2 Jan 2020)

Sumber: The Epoch Times, Germany Shuts Nuclear Plant as It Phases Out Atomic Energy ( 2 Jan 2020)

Sumber: Business World, Gov't departments vetting proposed nuclear policy  (2 Jan 2020)