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TNB considers merger deals to go for renewable energy, The Star,  m/s 4 (21 September 2018)

Penjawat awam perlu berubah, Berita Harian,  m/s 16 (21 September 2018)

Surat rasmi kerajaan perlu diakhiri frasa baharu, Harian Metro,  m/s 69 (21 September 2018)

Kerajaan perlu cari alternatif lain, Kosmo,  m/s 13 (20 September 2018)

Saintis kesan radiasi sisa bintang, Kosmo,  m/s 48 (20 September 2018)

Kapal persiaran berkuasa solar, Utusan Malaysia,  m/s 52 (20 September 2018)

CEPSI 2018 tumpuan industri tenaga dunia, Utusan Malaysia,  m/s 5 (19 September 2018)

Polisi bebas nuklear perlu diteruskan, Utusan Malaysia,  m/s 4 (19 September 2018)

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