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A nudge in the right direction, The Star (2 Oktober 2023)

A stellar solution, The Star (2 Oktober 2023)

Creating with caution, The Star (2 Oktober 2023)

‘Batwoman' temui 20 varian baharu koronavirus pada kelawar, Kosmo (1 Oktober 2023)

‘Digital economy must take priority', The Star (1 Oktober 2023)

Pusingan kedua pelepasan air sisa nuklear 5 oktober, Berita Harian (30 September 2023)

M'sia, India in talks over rice issue, The Star (30 September 2023)


Researchers discover possible method to stop harmful effects of nuclear waste on reactors — and it's cheap to make, Yahoo News (30 Sept 23)

The case for nuclear power: Is it an answer for climate change? | Utterly Moderate Podcast, tdn.com (29 Sept 23)

GloWAL: A New Global Water Resources Initiative, IAEA (28 Sept 23)

Addressing the Burden of Childhood Cancers Globally: Finding a Ray of Hope, IAEA (27 Sept 23)

Microsoft wants small nuclear reactors to power its AI and cloud computing services, popsci.com (26 Sept 23)

ZODIAC: Helping Prevent Future Pandemics with Nuclear Techniques, IAEA (25 Sept 23)

IAEA Sampling of Second Batch of ALPS Treated Water Corroborates Japan's Measurements, IAEA (22 Sept 23)

国家核技术政策鉴定六领域 郑立慷:和平使用推动发展, orientaldaily (21 September 23)

郑立慷:查证莱纳斯新技术  废料去钍除辐射性 , sinchew (21 September 23)

Malaysia sasar peningkatan 40 peratus penggunaan teknologi nuklear dalam STIE, astroawani (21 Sept 23)

国家核技术政策鉴定六领域 郑立慷:和平使用推动发展, bernama (21 September 23)

Govt targets 40pct nuclear tech usage, RM2.4b investment value by 2030, malaysiakini (21 September 23)

DTNN 2030 drives peaceful use of nuclear technology in Malaysia, nst (21 Sept 23)

Kerajaan sasar peningkatan 40 peratus penggunaan teknologi nuklear, sinarharian (21 Sept 23)

Sasar 40 peratus penggunaan teknologi nuklear, utusan (21 Sept 23)

Nuclear Sciences and Applications Side Events and Seibersdorf Lab Tour at the 67th IAEA General Conference, IAEA (19 Sept 23)

Singapore's First IAEA Collaborating Centre: Using Accelerators for Cutting-edge Research and Development, IAEA (14 Sept 23)

Thorium's Long-Term Potential in Nuclear Energy, IAEA (14 Sept 23)

Unit 2 of Japan's Shimane NPP to restart in 2024, neimagazine.com (13 Sept 23)

WNA fuel report sees nuclear growth, neimagazine.com (12 Sept 23)

IAEA Director General Briefs Board of Governors: Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Water Release, Ukraine, Iran and New Atoms4Food initiative, IAEA (11 Sept 23)

IAEA Conducts Its First Seawater Sampling After Japan's Discharge of ALPS Treated Water, Finds Tritium Level Below Limit, IAEA (8 Sept 23)

Net Zero Nuclear campaign launched, seeking to triple capacity by 2050, World Nuclear News (7 Sept 23)

IAEA marks one year at Zaporizhia NPP, neimagazine.com (6 Sept 23)

Nuclear Energy Side Events at the 67th IAEA General Conference, IAEA (1 Sept 23)


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