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PM:  Govt to review pay scheme in 2024, New Straits Times (26 Feb 24)

Padi farmers enjoying higher yield, The Star (26 Feb 24)

Lonjakkan prestasi penjawat awam, Utusan Malaysia (26 Feb 24)

What AI really is, The Star (25 Feb 24)

Thank you, virus, for our brain, The Star (25 Feb 24)

CUEPACS minta segerakan kenaikan gaji penjawat awam, Berita Harian (24 Feb 24)

Sistem Padu dijamin selamat-Fahmi, Kosmo (24 Feb 24)


IAEA mission reaffirms safety of Fukushima water release, www.world-nuclear-news.org (30 Jan 24)

Inside the world's first reactor that will power Earth using the same nuclear reaction as the Sun, Euronews.com (30 Jan 24)

Restart of Shika nuclear power plant ‘likely to take years', asianews.network (30 Jan 24)

Swiss startup believes this forgotten element is the key to safe nuclear energy, thenextweb.com (29 Jan 24)

22 countries want to triple nuclear power. Is there enough uranium to go around? finance.yahoo.com (29 Jan 24)

Studies to examine health risks of New England nuclear power plants, hsph.harvard.edu (29 Jan 24)

IAEA Network Aids Countries in Sustaining Nuclear Reactors, www.miragenews.com (27 Jan 24)

Seaweed ‘could survive nuclear war, avert famine', www.scidev.net (26 Jan 24)

International Day of Clean Energy: Why Nuclear Power? IAEA (25 Jan 24)

Nuclear output to reach new record by 2025, says IEA, www.world-nuclear-news.org (24 Jan 24)

Pioneering nuclear-fusion reactor shuts down: what scientists will learn, www.nature.com (22 Jan 24)

Global survey finds high public support for nuclear, www.world-nuclear-news.org (19 Jan 24)

Newcleo consults NTS on transport of MOX, www.world-nuclear-news.org (18 Jan 24)

UEC to restart Wyoming uranium operation, www.world-nuclear-news.org (17 Jan 24)

AFES, Nuclear Agency partner up for plastic-to-fuel conversion, themalaysianreserve.com (17 Jan 24)

Nuclear battery: Chinese firm aiming for mass market production, www.world-nuclear-news.org (16 Jan 24)

Drop in nuclear power production in 2022, ec.europa.eu (12 Jan 24)

Nuclear energy can help nation achieve net zero target by 2050, say experts, www.malaymail.com (12 Jan 24)

Biggest expansion of nuclear power for 70 years to create jobs, reduce bills and strengthen Britain's energy security, www.gov.uk (11 Jan 24)

US seeks proposals for domestic HALEU production, www.world-nuclear-news.org (10 Jan 24)

UK to launch HALEU production programme, www.world-nuclear-news.org (8 Jan 24)

South Africa opens draft IRP energy plan for public comment, www.world-nuclear-news.org (5 Jan 24)

DOE docs: Carbon removal proposal bets on rare nuclear reactors, www.eenews.net (3 Jan 24)

'No abnormalities' reported at Japanese nuclear plants following earthquake, www.world-nuclear-news.org (2 Jan 24)

Podcast: Nuclear's landmark COP28, plus 2024 lookahead, www.world-nuclear-news.org (1 Jan 24)


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