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Impak serangan siber dijangka lebih besar, Berita Harian (25 Mei 2023)

Red Sea epidemic kills off sea urchins, endangering coral, New Straits Times (25 Mei 2023)

Asia water, energy supplies at risk, New Straits Times (25 Mei 2023)

Boom time for floating solar, The Star (25 Mei 2023)

Striving to go green, but ‘oil and gas come first', The Star (25 Mei 2023)

Rare earth industry venture, The Star (25 Mei 2023)

Perluas sistem akuakultur berdaya tahan hadapi perubahan iklim, Berita Harian (24 Mei 2023)

Peralihan model 5G keputusan sukar, Berita Harian (24 Mei 2023)

Suhu tinggi, pencemaran tingkat risiko kematian, Kosmo (24 Mei 2023)

Online search to make up lost with AI, New Straits Times (24 Mei 2023)

The top global solar power potential hotspots, The Star (24 Mei 2023)

AI gold rush will take humanity to dark places, The Star (24 Mei 2023)

Google offers SMEs free online learning, The Star (24 Mei 2023)

Intel shares details on AI chips and shifts strategy, The Star (24 Mei 2023)

‘Ponteng kerja, tak hadir bertugas paling popular', Berita Harian (23 Mei 2023)

Celik teknologi hijau atasi isu perubahan iklim, Berita Harian (23 Mei 2023)

Usah lambat bertindak capai aspirasi karbon sifar bersih 2050, Berita Harian (23 Mei 2023)

‘Govt must lead the effort', The Star (23 Mei 2023)

Make science understandable to all, The Star (23 Mei 2023)

Hampir dua juta mohon isi 26,436 jawatan – SPA, Utusan Malaysia (23 Mei 2023)


ASEAN to step up anti-nuclear push, asianews.network (26 April 2023)

Advancing the understanding of spent fuel pools during loss of cooling accidents, Nuclear Energy Agency (25 April 2023)

New facility streamlines isotope production at US lab, World Nuclear News (25 April 2023)

UK launches Nuclear Waste Services strategy, World Nuclear News (25 April 2023)

A Day in the Life of a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, IAEA (25 April 2023)

Dengue fever outbreak: Biologists are sterilising virus-carrying mosquitoes with nuclear energy, www.euronews.com (25 April 2023)

IAEA Marks Upcoming World Book Day with Top Three Publications, IAEA (21 April 2023)

South–South and Triangular Cooperation, IAEA (20 April 2023)

Life-Saving Radiopharmaceuticals Focus of IAEA International Symposium, IAEA (18 April 2023)

Nuclear leaders issue call for action from G7, World Nuclear News (17 April 2023)

What is Radiation Therapy?, IAEA (17 April 2023)

Crop Seeds Return from Space in IAEA/FAO Project to Help Feed a Warming World, IAEA (15 April 2023)

Muon Imaging: How Cosmic Rays Help Us See Inside Pyramids and Volcanoes, IAEA (14 April 2023)

IAEA Launches Three New E-Learning Courses Explaining General Nuclear and Radiological Safety Requirements, IAEA (13 April 2023)

Fiji Works with IAEA, IARC and WHO to Develop Road Map for its First Radiotherapy Facility, IAEA (13 April 2023)

Detecting Nuclear Material Smaller Than a Pin, IAEA (12 April 2023)

Upcoming IAEA Conference on Computer Security: Addressing Security for Safety, IAEA (11 April 2023)

Demolition of famous US reactor begins, World Nuclear News (6 April 2023)

Combined Water-Saving and Nuclear Techniques Help Improve Farmers' Productivity and Income in Namibia, IAEA (6 April 2023)

IAEA sees progress in safety-related aspects of Fukushima water release plan, World Nuclear News (6 April 2023)

IAEA Issues New Report on Safety of Japan's Plan to Discharge ALPS Treated Water from Fukushima Daiichi Site, IAEA (5 April 2023)

Extract energy from used nuclear fuel, says environmental group, IAEA (4 April 2023)

Red Book provides 'snapshot' of uranium situation, World Nuclear News (4 April 2023)