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Kerajaan tak akan meminjam melebihi tahap defisit negara, Utusan Malaysia (23 Mac 2023)

Semak akta 172 secara berkala kurangkan kesan perubahan iklim, Berita Harian (23 Mac 2023)

Govt to decriminalise attempted suicide, New Straits Times (23 Mac 2023)

Eye on floating solar panels, The Star (23 Mac 2023)

Naikkan gaji minimum graduan TVET wajar, Utusan Malaysia (23 Mac 2023)


Japan Steps Up Efforts To Build Nuclear Fusion Reactor, oilprice.com (28 February 2023)

What Is a Nuclear Treaty?, www.abc.net.au (28 February 2023)

Point/Counterpoint: Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the future, www.duluthnewstribune.com (27 February 2023)

IAEA Mission Says Slovakia Committed to the Safe Management of Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel, Encourages Action on Geological Disposal, IAEA (27 February 2023)

NEW CRP: Optimizing Nuclear Techniques to Assess Microplastic Pollution in Coastal Areas (K41024), IAEA (24 February 2023)

Safeguards by Design: Designing Nuclear Facilities with Safeguards in Mind, IAEA (22 February 2023)

IAEA Launches a New Series of Topical Webinars on Safeguards Implementation, IAEA (21 February 2023)

Transparency and Openness Through Nuclear Law: Enabling Climate Action, IAEA (21 February 2023)

Tokamaks, Stellarators, Laser-based and Alternative Concepts: Report Offers Global Perspective on Nuclear Fusion Devices, IAEA (20 February 2023)

Import and Export of Radioactive Sources: IAEA Safety and Security Guidance, IAEA (17 February 2023)

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors May Become The Go-To Energy Source, www.forbes.com (15 February 2023)

The Evolution of Safeguards Technology, IAEA (14 February 2023)

Ensuring Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems: IAEA Conference Begins, IAEA (13 February 2023)

NEW CRP: Innovative Nuclear and Related Molecular Approaches for Detection and Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistance in Animal Production Environment (D32043), IAEA (10 February 2023)

IEA highlights nuclear's key role in coming years, World Nuclear News (9 February 2023)