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Kerajaan tak akan meminjam melebihi tahap defisit negara, Utusan Malaysia (23 Mac 2023)

Semak akta 172 secara berkala kurangkan kesan perubahan iklim, Berita Harian (23 Mac 2023)

Govt to decriminalise attempted suicide, New Straits Times (23 Mac 2023)

Eye on floating solar panels, The Star (23 Mac 2023)

Naikkan gaji minimum graduan TVET wajar, Utusan Malaysia (23 Mac 2023)


A nuclear plant that leaked 400,000 gallons of radioactive water shuts down for repairs after second incident, nbcnews.com (24 March 2023)

IAEA launches global water resources initiative, World Nuclear News (24 March 2023)

Nuclear Explained – Seeds in Space for Food Security on Earth (Re-run), IAEA (24 March 2023)

IAEA Highlights Threat of Microplastics to Marine Environment at Monaco Ocean Week, IAEA (24 March 2023)

Industrial users eye small reactors for power supplies, World Nuclear News (23 March 2023)

IAEA and FAO Kickstart the Development of Pioneering Protein Quality Database, IAEA (23 March 2023)

Groundwater: How Scientists Study its Pollution and Sustainability, IAEA (22 March 2023)

Nuclear Explained – What is Isotope Hydrology? IAEA (21 March 2023)

How to Control Insect Pests Using Radiation, IAEA (20 March 2023)

Nuclear Waste Borehole Demonstration Center started, arstechnica.com (18 March 2023)

What is Climate Change, and How Does Nuclear Help Measure and Monitor It? IAEA (17 March 2023)

IAEA and FAO Launch ‘Seeds in Space' Youth Comic Book Competition, IAEA (16 March 2023)

Innovation, Collaboration, and Communication to Enhance Radiation Protection for Pediatric and Pregnant Patients Discussed at IAEA Meeting, IAEA (14 March 2023)

Thorium's Long-Term Potential in Nuclear Energy: New IAEA Analysis, IAEA (13 March 2023)

IAEA Lab Renovation Project Gets Funding Boost, IAEA (9 March 2023)

The IAEA Launches its New Professional Development Programme to Boost Women's Careers in the Nuclear Field: the IAEA Lise Meitner Programme, IAEA (8 March 2023)

Importance of Robust Collaboration in Nuclear Safety and Security Highlighted at GNSSN Network Meeting, IAEA (7 March 2023)

Call for Synopses: IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, IAEA (6 March 2023)

Joint Statement by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), IAEA (4 March 2023)

Revealing 55,000 Years of the Past: New IAEA Radiocarbon Dating and Forensics e-Learning Course, IAEA (3 March 2023)

TPU project to use electric discharge to decontaminate concrete, World Nuclear News (2 March 2023)

Call for Papers: The Role of Nuclear Power in Mitigating Climate Change — Atoms4NetZero, IAEA (1 March 2023)